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Clicca per ingrandire la foto Fine food and excellent wines are a point of honour for the Restaurant "Terme di Diocleziano" and in fact Italian (and especially old traditional Roman) dishes enjoy a privileged position in our cooking.

The menu starts with a fantastic variety for Hors d'oeuvre: 'Italian style', Veal's Ham and rughetta, Shrimps Cocktail, Ham, Fish Salad, Mixed Smoked Fish, Oysters, Seafood Souté.

Large Variety in our Shaped Dough, Risotti and Soups:
Bucatini with Bacon and Tomato, Fettuccine with Mushrooms, Tomato and Clams, Fettuccine with Mushrooms or Lobster, penne with Vodka and Smoked Fish, Spaghetti with Eggs and Bacon or with Clams, Spaghetti with Tomato Souce, Tortellini, Tonnarelli with Shrimps, Risotti with Mushrooms, with Seafood, with Shrimps and Spinach ('Diocleziano style'), with Shrimps sauce, Tortellini Soup, Vegetable Soups etc.

If You love meat: Spring Lamb, Beef-steak, Raw filet of Beef,
cutlet 'Diocleziano style', Filet-Steak (available with Mushrooms), Loin of Veal, Escalope of Veal with Ham or Mushrooms or 'Diocleziano style'.
We have Tirreno's fresh Fish (white Fish, Shrimp-Prawns, Mixed Fried, Mixed grilled).

We have vegetables, fresh, cooked or grilled, italian Cheese. Year after year our selection of wines come to include red, white, sparkling wines, dessert and meditation wines, perfectly matching any dish.

Our selection of fruits and desserts is highly recommended in every season.

ISEI - Ristorante Terme di Diocleziano - Via del Viminale, 3/A - 00185 Roma (ITALIA) - P.IVA 01931881005
Tel. +39 06 4872120 e +39 06 4742184 -
Fax +39 06 48903083